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Earning money in stock market

Many people would like to start in Exchange but do not think they have the knowledge necessary to successfully maximize their investment, we will see that it is quite affordable.

You should know that the stock market is only represented by the ascent or descent of an action. What we need to do to make money in the stock market, is to choose whether you want to invest on the rise or fall of the action before the markets Fellow fence. The most interesting is that so there are only two choices:

Either one loses his bet or you win 175 to 190% of its investment. This is 1 chance in 2 or 50% chance of winning a nice sum of money.

Registration on Binary OptionBit platform

To invest in stocks or learn more about it, you must open a free account on a trading platform. I use for my part Optionbit which is relatively simple, but you can choose the broker of your choice.

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The trend following

The trend following is a method to make money on the stock market as many traders use and allows them to effectively increase their success rate.

How does trend following ?

As you will see from the graphics in real time, action has a price that evolves over time:

Here are 2 scenarios:

Upward trendDownward trend
Upward trendDownward trend

The green color represents the rise of the share price that we follow, while the red color represents the descent.

Consider Gold as an example:

The price of gold is not fixed in advance. If a shortage is felt, the value of gold on the stock market (and thus graphics) 'll subire strong growth because it will become a scarce commodity. We will see the price of gold up on our charts. To make money by investing in Gold, simply bet on rising from the tendency will be visible. To identify a trend, it is not necessary to learn in literature, a simple up or down on the extended graph is sufficient. If the price of an asset as Fellow Gold rises for example a regular basis, we increase our chances of winning money on this investment.

This also applies to the downside.

By experience, the most interesting moment to invest in stocks, is the time the price of gold is reversed to regain its average selling price. I recommend you invest just before the market closes to make the most of the trend. According to my results, I think I have a success rate of around 75-80% with this new technique.

How much should you invest ?

As many readers ask me this question, I would say it depends on the amount you want to put in this investment. As with everything about investing money, the most important thing is to define how much money you want to place.

Here is the picture I used to spend my orders:


  • For an initial investment of 100$ in total, invest $5 per position.
  • For an initial investment of 200$ in total, invest $10 position.
  • For an initial investment of $500 in total, invest $20 position.

Why do it this way ?

This method allows me to turn in case of loss. If I was betting my entire capital on a single purchase order, I would not have the opportunity to remake me. Fragmenting my capital, it allows me to make the most of the relatively high rate of success offered by this technique.


To make money on the stock market, just bet on the rise or decline of an action or an active Fellow as gold. To improve our chances of winning more money, we simply seek the best time to invest in looking at the price fluctuations of the share on which you wish to place an investment.

If the price of this action follows a prolonged upward or downward movement, we must invest.


This new method to earn money with Binary Options Exchange is surprisingly effective and relatively simple to implement since it is only to invest in the rise or fall of a stock or currency, based on real-time charts.

I believe rightly that "it is a great way to start well in Exchange and start making money on the stock markets.

I recommend this method to all beginners who want to quickly recoup their investments.

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